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Mesotherapy for Hair and Photoaging

A Non-Surgical Medicinal Treatment, for Improving Skin Texture, Pigmentation, Reduce Wrinkles, and Scars.

It is a procedure performed on the middle layer of the skin using Micro-Injections. The process of injecting Amino Acids, Minerals, Stem Cells, Peptides, Enzymes, and Vitamins into the middle layer of the skin with the help of needles (Sometimes Alone or as a Cocktail), is called Mesotherapy. Depending on the Skin Type The Correct Vitamins and Minerals are Selected for Different Procedures.

Our MesoTherapy Services:
• Face Rejuvenation, Acne & Scar Treatment
• Lightening and Rejuvenation of Private Areas
• Anti-Age Treatment of Hands & Neck
• Treatment for Dark Circles, Lines and Wrinkles
• Treatment for Hair Loss and Induce New Hair Growth
• Reduction of Double Chin and Fat in Different Parts of The Body
• Lip Rejuvenation (Natural Volume & Pigments)
• Treatment for Stretch Marks

Benefits of Mesotherapy
• Boosting of Skin Hydration & Skin Texture
• Glowing, Fresh and Young Look
• Lighten The Pigmentation
• Improve Tissue Scarring
• Lifting of Sagging Skin
• Rejuvenation of Skin
• Minimal Downtime
• Non-Surgical Procedures